Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Practice Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter Sunday our neighborhood is having an Egg Hunt for the kids. Yesterday I went and bought plastic eggs and candy for the hunt, and decided to get some extras for the monkeys to play with this week. We decided to have a practice egg hunt yesterday, so I hid a dozen of the eggs around the living room and had S&S hunt for them. Sahil was very good at finding the eggs and very quick. Samira took her good old time strolling around the room. She'd then see Sahil find an egg and start whining about how she wanted it. A couple of times Sahil did give her the egg, probably to stop the whining. When Samira did find an egg, she'd start complaining, "no want that color." Chetan and I are going to flip a coin to decide who gets to be her "buddy" at the egg hunt...

I also keep emphasizing how they can't be shy at the egg hunt or they won't get any candy-filled eggs. Despite going to daycare, they practically run from any kid that comes remotely near them. It drives me crazy! I can see then hiding behind my legs at the hunt...hopefully they're motivated by the candy!

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