Friday, August 29, 2008

This Mama's for Obama!

I've never really campaigned out loud for my candidate of choice before. I do always vote, but don't put up signs in my yard, wear my candidate on my shirt, debate over my candidate, etc. This year I plan to proudly and loudly say I'm voting for Obama! I'm trying to now figure how to show my support from now till Nov 4th. I'm not a loud, outspoken fact I'm a pretty quiet girl who keeps her opinions to herself... Maybe we'll have a BBQ for Obama supporters! I know free pizza got me to join the College Republicans my freshman year...I was still finding myself back then... And how I stay excited weeks after the convention?
Maybe I should go after the Indian seniur citizens who are now American citizens, like my own grandparents. I can convince them to vote for Obama and then bus them to vote! It's about time they did something for our country. Most of them don't work, yet collect social security, my tax money. Yes, I know, they do so much for their family, take care of so much and many, etc etc. But voting is the right and responsiblity of every citizen, and they too are citizens. I could drum up like...30 votes from this group! :) Need to think BIGGER!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Vino 100

We have a new go-to shop for wine! It's Vino 100 on Polaris Parkway. Great wine selection, but more importantly, great customer service! Okay, so maybe my opinion is skewed a bit by the fact that I got a piece of chocolate cake for free last time we were there... But really, the owners are very knowledgeable about wine but not in a snobby way. We had a great tiem there thsi past Friday. We tried several wines (a good tasting pour for $1), had a cheese plate, and the free cake! The only thing I know about wine is whether it's good, bad, red or white, but Chetan knows a lot about wine and it's fun hearing him chat with the owners about wine, regions, varietals, etc etc.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

S&S are 7 months old!

Not only is it C's birthday today, but S&S are also 7 months old today! Tiem is going waaay too fast! Nothing I can do about it..except enjoy every moment!
Sahil is rolling all over the house now. He's trying to crawl but can't quite get it yet. He loves to roll over to the kitchen and on the hardwood floors. He's careful about not hitting his head on the floor, but he leaves little drool handprints everywhere, lovely. Samira is still content to sit or lay in one place. They both sit up really well, and it's so cute seeing the two of them sitting and playing with their toys.
They are now eating 2-3 meals a day. Cereal with a fruit in the morning, a veggie for lunch, and dinner is a toss up of either a veggie or fruit or more cereal. I'm still making their food which so far is easy and fun.
Samira has starting "singing" dadadadada (I consider it a tribute to her Dada) when she's happy and babbles a lot. She sometimes will talk the whole way to daycare. Sahil talks but a lot less than Samira...typical boy.
They both seem to like daycare. They did get their first cold :( And Sahil got kicked out for the day last week for 3 Ds in one day. It was most likely from teething though.
They are so much fun right now that I have to practically chain myself to my desk so I don't go downstairs to viist them at the daycare every five minutes. I've been eating Subway every day in hopes of winning a big Scrabble prize so I can hang out with S&S all the time!
Happy 7 months S&S! We love you!

Happy Birthday C-dawg!

Today Chetan is 32! Whoa, that is old....

S&S and I got him some small gifts, but there is nothing in the world that I can get that would show him just how appreciated and loved he is. I definitely don't show it or say it enough...but I am always thinking it! I'm sure he never expected to have to change so many poopy diapers, carry a baby on his chest in a Bjorn, feed prunes to a baby, bathe a baby....but with twins he gets to do all of this! Isn't he lucky? :) Yet he does it all with (mostly) a smile on his face. And seeing him playing and caring for S&S is the most precious thing ever! S&S in turn thank him with the biggest smiles ever when he comes home from work. One of their favorite things to do is watch Daddy on the treadmill, they are fascinated!
Being a Dad hasn't kept Chetan from his other loves like wine, cooking, plants, flowers, sports...he is quite the well-rounded guy! And he's still a wonderful hubby too! I'm still amazed, and sometimes annoyed, at how well he knows me. He treats me like I am so special, despite...well, no need to list all my faults... :)
As Papa would say, Well Done! :)