Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boast Post

On the Twinstuff message board that I read, there was a thread called “boast” where people wrote things about their kids that they were proud about. I decided to make my list here… :)

-I’m proud of Samira for being potty trained within a month at 25 months
-I’m proud of Sahil for being almost potty trained
-I’m proud that my monkeys know their ABCs, 123s, colors, and shapes
-I’m proud that Samira put her pants on yesterday all by herself
-I’m proud that my kids love so many types of music including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, 80s music, current music, devotional songs, and of course silly kids’ songs.
-I’m proud of the different foods my kids eat, although McDonald’s chicken nuggets are still their favorite.
-I’m proud of how well Sahil and Samira are doing in swimming class.
-I'm proud that Sahil and Samira try their best to not be shy when I tell them "don't be shy." :)
-I'm proid that my monkeys love books and love being read to every night before bed
-I'm proud that I'm these two amazing kids' Mommy!

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