Monday, March 29, 2010

Time Out

We've been trying the 1-2-3 Magic method at home lately. The monkeys get 1 to 3 warnings, depending on the "crime," and then a time out. I'm not sure how much they understand this, but they do know time outs are bad and cry when they get a time out. Yesterday the monkeys were having a tea party with Blue, from Blue's Clue, and Winnie the Poo. Apparently Blue was spitting and didn't stop after ebing told "That's 1" by Sahil. So Blue had to go to time out on the steps. Sahil very sharply told him, "You go in a time out! No spitting!" Then Samira decided Winnie also was spitting so he got a time out too. The tone they were using with their stuffed animals made me realize how careful we have to be in the way we talk to them. They weren't screaming or anything but it did sound a bit harsh. I.e. note to self - take out the emotion from my voice when giving a time out, per 123 Magic.

All in all, it cracked me up hearing them punish their stuffed animals!! It was sooo funny!

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