Saturday, March 20, 2010

Swimming Class

Today we started swimming classes again. I started talking to the monkeys about swimming and swimming pool and the water the night before, and the next morning. Sahil was VERY excited about going to teh swimming pool. He kept talking about it and happily put on his swimsuit was ready to go! Samira was a bit more calm about it but also happily put on her swimsuit. When we got to the Community Center I took Sahil out of teh car and he told me, "Mommy I'm excited!" It was cute! The second we stepped into the pool area he took one look at the pools and water and said, "no swimming Mommy." I wonder what he had been expecting all that time. Luckily he did agree to get into the pool once Samira went in. Samira did very well in the water! The only thing she wasn't a big fan of was floating on her back. Sahil, on the other hand, was only a fan of the silly songs we sing in the water.
Let's hope Sahil is a bit more adventerous at the next class...cuz shaving my legs and getting in the cold pool is not worth just singing "somebody came to swim today." We acn do taht at home! :)

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