Friday, August 29, 2008

This Mama's for Obama!

I've never really campaigned out loud for my candidate of choice before. I do always vote, but don't put up signs in my yard, wear my candidate on my shirt, debate over my candidate, etc. This year I plan to proudly and loudly say I'm voting for Obama! I'm trying to now figure how to show my support from now till Nov 4th. I'm not a loud, outspoken fact I'm a pretty quiet girl who keeps her opinions to herself... Maybe we'll have a BBQ for Obama supporters! I know free pizza got me to join the College Republicans my freshman year...I was still finding myself back then... And how I stay excited weeks after the convention?
Maybe I should go after the Indian seniur citizens who are now American citizens, like my own grandparents. I can convince them to vote for Obama and then bus them to vote! It's about time they did something for our country. Most of them don't work, yet collect social security, my tax money. Yes, I know, they do so much for their family, take care of so much and many, etc etc. But voting is the right and responsiblity of every citizen, and they too are citizens. I could drum up like...30 votes from this group! :) Need to think BIGGER!

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