Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday C-dawg!

Today Chetan is 32! Whoa, that is old....

S&S and I got him some small gifts, but there is nothing in the world that I can get that would show him just how appreciated and loved he is. I definitely don't show it or say it enough...but I am always thinking it! I'm sure he never expected to have to change so many poopy diapers, carry a baby on his chest in a Bjorn, feed prunes to a baby, bathe a baby....but with twins he gets to do all of this! Isn't he lucky? :) Yet he does it all with (mostly) a smile on his face. And seeing him playing and caring for S&S is the most precious thing ever! S&S in turn thank him with the biggest smiles ever when he comes home from work. One of their favorite things to do is watch Daddy on the treadmill, they are fascinated!
Being a Dad hasn't kept Chetan from his other loves like wine, cooking, plants, flowers, sports...he is quite the well-rounded guy! And he's still a wonderful hubby too! I'm still amazed, and sometimes annoyed, at how well he knows me. He treats me like I am so special, despite...well, no need to list all my faults... :)
As Papa would say, Well Done! :)

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