Monday, October 5, 2009

A Nice Fall Day

Ready to pick out our pumpkins
This past Saturday the weather was sunny, crisp, and dry. Who know how many more days of that we'll get, we decided to take advantage of it and get out of the house early. We started off my going to North Market's Harvest Festival. There were lots of great things to buy and see. We had some yummy, hot Vietnamiese for lunch and Jeni's Pumpkin 5-spice ice cream for dessert. The monkeys really enjoyed people watching, and loved the pumpkin cookie and apples they got, for free! Chetan also stocked up on his hot sauces from CaBoom.

When we were first going into North Market, I was pushing Samira in her stroller when I noticed the corn husk in front of me move a bit. The next thing I know the corn husk is actually a live scarecrow! He was starting to lean down to say hi to Samira when she SCREAMED! It was the funniest scream I've ever heard from her, like "get the heck away from me, you freak!" It's still cracking me up! :)

Later in the afternoon we ventured over to Freeman's Farm to pick up some pumpkins. They also had a small petting zoo. It was a really fun time and the kiddos picked out two nice pumpkins.
And in the evening we watched the Buckeyes beat the Hoosiers, while drinking some Great Lakes Oktoberfest. A nice day.

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