Monday, October 12, 2009

Toddler Transition Day 1

Today Chetan and I drove together so I showed him around the monkeys' new Toddler room. I think he was having a hard time imagining our lil peanuts in that room, sleeping on cots, using the sink, eating at the table on their own...I know I did when I had my orientation for the room.

Today Sahil and Samira were supposed to go to the Toddler room from 8:30 to 9:30am. I went down there at 10:30, and they were still in the Toddler Room. Josslyn, one of the their teachers, said they were doing really well so they kept them longer. She said they sang songs, talked about the weather, read a book, had morning snack, painted pumpkins, and were now playing with play dough. I think that's more than we did all weekend! :) Sahil saw me, said hi, and then went back to his play dough, and same with Samira. I loved that, since in the Infant room they come running to me, hang onto me, whine and carry on if I don't hold them both...and then cry when I leave.

I think I'm more sad for myself about S&S leaving the Infant room. Two of their teachers are seasoned moms and have been there for ME every single day. They've given me advice, listened to my vents and stories, comforted me when I had meltdowns, and cuddled and loved my kiddos while I was at work. I am so grateful to have had such wonderful people taking care of my monkeys. I know the toddler teachers are just as wonderful, but I will still miss the infant room teachers so much. Yes, they are just a room away, but it's not the same....

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