Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toddler transition

This week is Sahil and Samira's last week in the infant room. They are finally moving to the toddler room! They were supposed to move over sometime around July or August but it's taken a while to find two spots in the same room for them. I thought I was ready for them to move over, since they should have a while ago anyway, but now that it's near, I'm so sad! My babies have to grow up next week! No bibs, no sippy cups, no cribs, no rocking to sleep for nap, no help feeding them those last bites of yogurt in the morning....whhhaaaaaaaaahhh! My poor little monkeys!

Okay, so they are 20 months old now....I guess they're ready. I know they'll have more fun in the toddler room, since they seem to be getting a bit bored in the infant room. So I should be happy...

This is just another reminder that despite all I do to stop it, my babies are growing up.

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