Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beer vs Wine

While Chetan is still into his red wines, I have (maybe temporarily) moved to drinking more beer than wine. I've always enjoyed a cold beer in the summer, at a BBQ, during the game, etc, but now prefer it even in cooler temperatures, like the Fall. Right now I am ALL about Fall beers, and have tried some really good ones. Chetan picked up some Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale the other day which I thought was fantastic! I've also had my usual 3 favorites - Sam Adams' and Greak Lakes' Oktoberfests, and Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, and am looking forward to trying many more before winter comes along :)
On a monkey note, Sahil now points to a beer bottle and says "bee-aah" and knows where we keep them in the fridge....a proud bad mommy moment for me.

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