Sunday, September 14, 2008

8 Months Old!

My babies are growing up way too quick! 8 months already! They get more fun and more entertaining each day. Sahil is now an expert crawler, and it's so cute! He entertain himself by exploring the house. Chetan put up gates this weekend and now we have to tackle the cabinets next, fun fun. We don't have much that S&S can get into but Sahil has pointed things out to us that we didn't think of. :) Some things I plan to leave as is, and teach S&S not to touch (I know, good luck!). I'd rather not have my living room look like KinderCare.
Samira's still content sitting and observing the world around her. She does scoot around on her bottom and sort of get up on all fours. She is chatty as ever!
Both S&S love their solids and I've been adding different things to their diet, all of which they like or at least tolerate. Sahil did dry heave on some dhal the other day... he better get used to it soon because he'll be eating a lot of dhal and rice!
They are changing everyday and never cease to amaze me!

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