Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Noble Pils

I asked Chetan to pick up a winter beer the other day, and he came home with Sam Adams Noble Pils....I was not happy. It didn't look like a winter beer at all, it looked all springy, which it is definitely not outside. So I tried to smile, and look grateful, but really was just sad that there'd be no SA Winter Lager for me that night. Then I read the label, and it said it's the perfect beer for when spring is just a few weeks away....and suddenly teh beer was a perfect choice!! I thanked Chetan for buying a perfect beer and happily poured myself a bottle of it, in my pilsner glass of course. Marketing poeple love people like me, huh?
How was it? It was good! It's a great pilsner. I do like pilsners, but I think it's just too snowy, cold and miserable outside for me to fully enjoy a pilsner right now. I think I'll enjoy this beer much more once some fresh spring air is blowing through my house. Good thing since I just read that the Noble Pils is replacing Sam Adams' White Ale, its usual Spring bew.

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