Thursday, January 14, 2010

" Happy to you!"

January 14th was Sahil and Samira's 2nd birthday! I CANNOT believe it's been two years since my lil monkeys were born! And yet I'm amazed at how much I love them and how much joy they have brought us in just two years. Crazy to think we have condiments in the fridge that are older than them...yet they are our life now! The monkeys, not the condiments.

This year they did somewhat understand it was their birthday, and they were very excited about it. For days Samira sang "Happy To you" to Sahil, us and to herself. It was so sweet to watch and hear. The day before their birthday Mom and Dad wanted to take them to McDonalds since they were busy on their actual birthday. So we all went to McDonalds where S&S had Happy Meals and fun. They loved eating there. Afterwards we went to Mom and Dad's for cake and presents, and pizza for us. It was a fun evening for everyone!

On Thursday, S&S's actual birthday, they both woke up to us singing Happy Birthday to them, and they were so excited! When we got to the room at school they ran up to the teacher waiting for her to say happy birthday. Samira sang Happy To you to Sahil all day. For snack I took in cookies on popsicle sticks. The teachers had made them birthday crowns which they insisted on wearing all day. Chetan came home with balloons for them, we opened presents, and then went out to dinner at Red Robin. Samira was terrified of the giant Red Robin that walked around the restaurant, while Sahil loved him. Samira decided she loved him too, once he went in the back, and talked about him nonstop. It was a wonderful day, full off reminiscing of the past two years, and full of new memories as well.

My babies are 2 more infant sized clothes, no more free flights, time to get serious about potty training, and time for the terrible/terrific twos!

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