Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15 Months!

Our lil monkeys are 15 months old today! WOW! Time to accept the fact they are toddlers and not babies anymore. I'd be sad about that, except that they are so much fun right now. They seem to pick up new things to say and do every day, and are sooo funny!
Samira didn't want me to have to tell the Dr today at our appointment that she still can't walk, so she started walking this past weekend. She still crawls when she wants to get somewhere fast, but we'll take what we can get from that stubborn lil girl. Sahil now pretty much runs everywhere.
They are both such wonders in our lives and make us so happy. They also stress us out, frustrate us, get us worked up, test our patience.....they're just lucky they're cute.

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