Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Monkeys are 9 months old!

9 Months! Seriously, how do I stop time? Samira celebrated the day by crawling! Finally! She's been trying for so long and gets frustrated when she sees Sahil crawling all around her, but now she can go where he goes! It's so sweet to see her crawling two steps behind her brother. They are interacting with each a lot more now too, including fighting over toys. Samira is also clapping now and gets so excited when she does.
At their 9 month appointment, they both measured around 16 lbs...lil peanuts! I was a wee bit disappointed, but what can I do, besides feed them lard... At least they are happy and healthy, just tiny. They are eating all kinds of things now - dhal, mac and cheese, yogurt, cheese, new veggies, pasta, anything we can break into small pieces pretty much.
Their personalities are showing more and more., and it's so fun to see!

Will add more later!

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