Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This day last year we found out we were having twins! My Dr. did an ultrasound, and said "oh look twins." He said it like he was seeing mustard on his sandwich...I guess he sees twins a lot. We, on the other hand, were surprised! Chetan fell back into the wall, and I felt I was watching all this from above and it was happening to someone else. The Dr labeled them Baby F for front and Baby B for back, and called them Fritz and Barry, which is what Chetan and called them too for a long time. We saw two flashing dots, their sweet lil heartbeats.
After the u/s, the Dr said to take our time and then meet him in his office. Once he left, Chetan and I looked at each other and laughed. It was sort of a nervous laughter. We had joked about twins, especially after our friends Sejal and Manaik said they were having twins, but never really expected it to happen. So many emotions flooded my mind all at once.
When we met the Dr in the office, he told us about "vanishing twin" where sometimes one will disappear. The thought of that happening made me sad, which was weird, seeing how a minute ago I didn't even know two existed. But the chances of both staying put were good since we had seen the heartbeats.
We had decided we would tell our family that I was pregnant after this u/s, but now we had double the news to share! It was fun to tell them! We didn't tell anyone else about the twins, except a few close friends, till late September. I was quite the paranoid prego.
June 25, 2007 - The day we became parents of twins!

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